Our Transport

Our expertise is the transport industry, we have been servicing the South African community for over 24 years and we have continued to give them excellent service. We offer them affordable transport across the country and beyond border. We pride ourselves with providing reliable and trusted buses with luxury seats. We want to extend that legacy we have built over year to the United Kingdom transport industry.

Company threats

Hawks Molaba will be facing fierce competition in the transport and accommodation industry however because of the years of experience Hawk Molaba will be able to overcome all this. The acquiring of land here was a starting point and Hawk has a competitive advantage because the land was paid cash and it has more assets than liabilities, this gives Hawk an edge over its competitors.

Overall the project that is outlined and the cashflow statement demonstrate the viability of the business and the long-term projects that can be done during the next ten years. We have evaluated all the odds, and this proves the ability to sustain its self over the period to come. Hawks Molaba will continue to keep its values and to demonstrate that it can provide solution to the ever-increasing accommodation and transport problems. This will bring a huge improvement to the transport industry as far as efficiency is concerned.