Company Forecast

Our focus is the property business where we have invested in the land which we bought for cash. This will give us the opportunity to build luxury student accommodation to enable student resident to settle well. Hawks Molaba properties are among the best and we understand that there is no universal price for everyone, so we cater for all situations that may arise. We want to make sure that we provide transport like a shuttle service that will help our tenants to move freely within the city and to university. This will be our wow factor and competitive advantage.

Potential Market Rental & Market Research

We want to promote the student residents to enjoy living on their own, away from parents, for the first time in their lives. So, our on-site team are passionate about being welcoming, friendly and professional; they are focussed on making your time living with us enjoyable and safe.

On hand to sort out any maintenance issues quickly, the on-site team will help you integrate with other residents when you come to live with us in our sophisticated Hawks Molaba suites. They can help you get to grips with student life, from helping you organise a party to discovering where to shop and find the best nightlife, they are happy to lend you support any time you need

  • Identify rental demand for specific identified areas, assess local amenities, transport links etc.
  • Check local letting agents and leasing agencies to ascertain rental values
  • Determine local need for letting or buying properties
  • Ascertain local needs for Social Landlords and PLC housing providers for long term fixed rentals
  • Undertake online property searches for specific identified areas within the UK
  • Engage local Estate Agents to further source suitable properties and to sublet to them
  • Undertake initial property investment appraisal and feasibility assessment

Our expertise is the transport industry, we have been servicing the South African community for over 24 years and we have continued to give them excellent service. We offer them affordable transport across the country and beyond border. We pride ourselves with providing reliable and trusted buses with luxury seats. We want to extend that legacy we have built over year to the United Kingdom transport industry.

The bedrooms are medium sized with in-built bathroom inside to give the student residents privacy and comfort. This gives our houses the competitive advantage over our competitors. We will hire professional cleaners who will clean the rooms once a week. We understand student life is busy. So, if you don’t have time to clean then don’t worry as we can provide weekly cleaning services to spruce up your apartment for free.

Hawks Molaba understands that everyone has different needs and a different budget. So whatever budget you are working with – we can help! We offer a wide range of cluster flats, in Manchester some en-suite, some with shared bathroom and if sharing is not your thing, we also offer individual studios. All properties come furnished with kitchen area, study space and bathroom facilities and free Wi-fi.



Our strategic objectives are a response to the transitional nature of the property market and the broader financial challenges we face.


We treat all our clients and customers with respect and that has helped to build our reputation and further increase the clientele within the South Yorkshire area. We aim to build reasonable accommodation to make sure that all our clients have a decent accommodationby 2028.


We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service and making sure that we give our customers the best affordable transport. We will go over and above to make sure that all our services meet the standards.


At certain times, companies or brands may be primarily concerned with basic economic survival. Retrenching is a marketing technique – based on a financial objective – that attempts to keep a brand alive and keep current revenue and profit levels from falling any further during the “decline” stage of the product/brand life cycle.


We pride ourselves in providing reliable transport and making sure that our customers are treated will respect. All our transport has regular service to make sure they are always in good condition and fit for purpose.