Background and Experience

Mr Molaba completed school in 1974. He began his career in transportation as a local and long-distance truck driver. He worked for a sub-contractor from 1975 till 1988 when he began seeing business opportunities as he was doing long-distance trips between Johannesburg and Durban, Cape Town and Mozambique, where there were always hitchhikers that needed lifts between the towns. He gave them lifts for small amounts of money.

He then applied for his first transport permit in 1989. During that period his move was resisted by the previous apartheid regime. He was not allowed to transport any white people. This permit was a crumpled old permit writing in Afrikaans with the words “Nie-blankesalleenlik”. His old bus that he bought was utilized to transport people from Johannesburg to Giyani, Cape town and Durban.

Over the past five years, His business grown from owning one bus to owning one bus and gour trucks. The company that supplied him with work in his trucking division told him in the early 90s that they were unable to support him further. He sold his trucks and in 2001 permanently focussed on the passenger transport industry.

Since 2001 he had been transporting passengers from Johannesburg to various points in South Africa. His focus since 2001 is the supply of services from Johannesburg to Giyani and back. Over the last three years it has become difficult on these routes as many taxi operators travel on this route and make use of illegal methods to obtain passengers. Various cases against these

operators have been reported. Due to lesser constrictions applied by the Department of Transport on the Taxi industry successes is short lived and the legal owners of these routes need to take the financial strain, due to fewer passenger making use of these routes.

Due to the above Hawks has made the decision to apply for various other permits, allowing his business to legally transport passengers to other destinations. During last year, he applied for the cross-border permits and has successfully been working on the route, but his fleet is split between SA and Cross border. On the cross-border routes, passenger normally comes to South Africa to buy various items, which Hawks also transports across the border.

This experience has motivated Hawks to spread its wings to Europe where I have seen opportunities in both transport and accommodation business. I will provide reliable and affordable transport across United Kingdom making sure that my transport business provides the solution to the endless transport problems depending on the successful registration of my transport licence.

For the past 23 years, Mr Molaba is the legal owner of transport permits and has actively contributed to the passenger industry. This been built over time

Goals and Objectives of the Company

  • The companies have already bought land in Manchester where we are building the student accommodation this will generate revenue as demonstrated on the cashflow statement.
  • To acquire more land to build houses and let them to student residents and other people.
  • To start the transport company that will provide luxury coaches to resort areas at a reasonable price.
  • To become the leading transport and accommodation specialist by 202.


We buy a portfolio of houses and renovate them, to add value to the properties. It is our commitment to make sure that everyone has a decent home by 2028. Hawk is committed to deliver excellent service to all its clients and will go over and above to make sure that this is achieved. We aim to provide student accommodation with ensuite and Wi-Fi to enable students to access the internet.

Potential Market Rental & Market Research

We want to promote the student residents to enjoy living on their own, away from parents, for the first time in their lives. So, our on-site team are passionate about being welcoming, friendly and professional; they are focussed on making your time living with us enjoyable and safe.

On hand to sort out any maintenance issues quickly, the on-site team will help you integrate with other residents when you come to live with us in our sophisticated Hawks Molaba suites. They can help you get to grips with student life, from helping you organise a party to discovering where to shop and find the best nightlife, they are happy to lend you support any time you need

Potential Market Rental & Market Research

·         Identify rental demand for specific identified areas, assess local amenities, transport links etc.

·         Check local letting agents and leasing agencies to ascertain rental values

·         Determine local need for letting or buying properties

·         Ascertain local needs for Social Landlords and PLC housing providers for long term fixed rentals

·         Undertake online property searches for specific identified areas within the UK

·         Engage local Estate Agents to further source suitable properties and to sublet to them

·         Undertake initial property investment appraisal and feasibility assessment

Our expertise is the transport industry, we have been servicing the South African community for over 24 years and we have continued to give them excellent service. We offer them affordable transport across the country and beyond border. We pride ourselves with providing reliable and trusted buses with luxury seats. We want to extend that legacy we have built over year to the United Kingdom transport industry.

The bedrooms are medium sized with in-built bathroom inside to give the student residents privacy and comfort. This gives our houses the competitive advantage over our competitors. We will hire professional cleaners who will clean the rooms once a week. We understand student life is busy. So, if you don’t have time to clean then don’t worry as we can provide weekly cleaning services to spruce up your apartment for free.

Hawks Molaba understands that everyone has different needs and a different budget. So whatever budget you are working with – we can help! We offer a wide range of cluster flats, in Manchester some en-suite, some with shared bathroom and if sharing is not your thing, we also offer individual studios. All properties come furnished with kitchen area, study space and bathroom facilities and free Wi-fi.

We provide student accommodation with the most fantastic common areas for watching a movie, catch up with friends or compete in our games area. There are also some perfect places to study in our designed quiet spaces. They provide everything you need to focus on your studies, meet like-minded people, share fun times and make the most of your time at university in a fantastically central location.                  



  • The company has a good
  • Reputation
  • Reliable transport
  • Reliable and talented staff
  • Complete tasks on time


  • The company has a good
  • Reputation
  • Reliable transport
  • Reliable and talented staff
  • Complete tasks on time


  • We have identified the loop hole in the UK market
  • The transport industry in UK offers the opportunity for companies to penetrate the market Hawks has managed to penetrate the market
  • The property market which will be Hawk Molaba’s main revenue stream has a lot of opportunities
  • Hawks is very good at identifying opportunities


  • Hawks will be facing a lot of competition from local and abroad.
  • Competing with well established property guru in the UK however our experience will help us to beat any competitor.

The company strength

The company strength is the ability to spot opportunities and the good reputation built over years while doing business in South Africa, these transferable skills have empowered me to explore the European market. The ability to source talent and to complete tasks on time has always given us the ability to overcome our competitors.

Company Weakness

The company tries to address and overcome its weaknesses and has done this successfully over the years. The major weakness that Hawk Molaba is facing is that it is new to the European market however this does not hinder the business as the experience is transferable.

Company Opportunities

Hawk Molaba saw the opportunity when he was visiting United Kingdom for church, he then bought a land in Manchester to build a block of flats for student accommodation, it is in an area where students can have easy access to all kinds of transport. The accommodation is due to be completed early next year, therefore Hawks Molaba is looking for extra funding to buy more land and build more student accommodation as well as become a letting agency for people who need accommodation. As his experience lies in the transport industry Hawk Molaba is looking to transfer his experience from Africa and start a transport company and provide luxury coaches across the UK.